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2018 2019 Clubs

2018 2019 Clubs

CLUBS AT JFK (2018-2019)      


Kennedy Cast and Crew (Drama Club)
Kennedy Cast and Crew is Kennedy’s drama group. Sixth, seventh, and eight graders are invited to learn about all aspects of drama production including: acting, set design, lighting and sound, and costuming. Students can attend a series of workshops to fine tune some of their stage skills and participate in theater games. The students’ work and effort are displayed in a yearly spring play. Kennedy Cast and Crew allows all of its stars a chance to shine!

The intramural program at John F. Kennedy will be twenty-four days each semester. We ask that you are ready to go by 3:00 pm in the designated area. Intramurals will end at 3:40 pm, so please have your ride here by 3:45 pm to pick you up. Please remember good sportsmanship and respect for your fellow participants and supervisor. Please remember that all school rules and policies do apply. There will be a schedule available in the beginning of the school year.

Poetry Club

Poetry Club is a mixed group of middle and high school students who meet at designated times to write, share, and analyze poetry. The group votes on performers to represent our club at Louder than a Bomb competitions, invitational competitions, open-mic nights and showcases. Professional poets are invited to the meetings to "workshop" the club members, while high school students help mentor the middle school students.

Kindness Club
Kindness club is modeled after the ideals of Rachel Scott, the first victim in the Columbine High School shooting who touched the lives of thousands with her kindness & compassion. Here at JFK we are starting a Challenge Club to honor Rachel’s ideals of creating a positive culture by starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.

Real World Club
Real World is a club for general education students and students in the FBI program (Functional Based Instruction).  The purpose of the club is twofold.  Real World will provide opportunities for general education students to develop an awareness of disabilities, increase leadership skills, and establish friendships along the way.  Real World Club will provide FBI students with an opportunity to engage in age-appropriate social activities with their peers, build their ability to self-advocate, and increase their socialization skills while making new friends.


STEM club is for students who have questions, ideas, or projects they want to explore related to the topics of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.  These burning questions are often not addressed in traditional science classes, and STEM club is a place to explore them through the research and engineering design process.  Students meet during designated afterschool times to support one another and to get support from teachers as they conduct original research that they can then experiment with and use  to enter into Robotics competitions.

Student Council

Student Council makes a difference at JFK by leading others to success.  Members of Student Council have the opportunity to plan dances, raise funds for charities, contribute to school activities, and work with others on student-led projects. Whether it be through committee work, running for an office, or spreading positive leadership throughout the school, Student Council members work hard and have fun!

Yearbook club offers students the exciting opportunity to participate in creating the school yearbook. The yearbook represents all sports, clubs, school activities, as well as every student. Students in the club will learn about photography, computer photo editing software, and create yearbook page layouts using an interactive on-line web site. All students are welcome.

Chess/Games Club

The Chess Club gives students an opportunity to play friendly games of chess against their peers in a low-stress environment. Students of all levels are welcome to come, as help is given to those who need it. Students will learn the game of chess while having opportunities to compete against their peers.  Students will also have an opportunity to play/learn other strategic games along with Chess.   





Art Club

The art club is a place for students to do any type of independent or group artwork that they want. They can explore art through the use of different art mediums, such as ceramics, weaving, painting, oil pastels, and charcoal. It is a very laid back and social environment where students get feedback on their art from their peers. If the student wants to learn or use something new that they did not get to do during their quarter in art class, this is where they should come!




Students may participate in one interscholastic sport during each season.  To help ensure safety, students must complete and return an insurance waiver form, trip consent form and an athletic code form to the coach before participating in any sport.  Cross Country (Fall), Wrestling (Winter) and Track and Field (Spring) are the sports available to 6th graders.  Additional athletic fees apply.




*Clubs are subject to change