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New Band Member Information

New Band Member Information

Summer Band Camp Dates & Information

July 23 – 26         (M-Th, no Friday)

July 30-Aug 2      ( M – Th, no Friday)

Aug 6 – Aug 10   ( M-F)

Students will have a one-hour lesson starting at either 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00 AM based on their instrument

The cost of camp is $56/student (for the full three weeks). While we can’t use the word ‘mandatory’, students that cannot attend are strongly suggested to pursue a few private lessons over the summer so that they are not behind at the beginning of the school year. A list of District 202 Approved private instructors will be provided on an as-needed basis.


Instrument Selection

We will be visiting the elementary schools this spring to have band students select their instruments via a hands-on experience where they will try 2-3 instruments and select the one that best fits their abilities and interests. If a student plays an instrument through camp or with a private teacher over the summer and finds that it does not suit them or that they’re struggling, a change can and really should be made for the beginning of the school year when the knowledge gap is at its smallest point. Students switching instruments going into 7th or 8th grade have more of a mountain to climb to catch up to the group.


Instrument Rental

The District 202 Approved rental vendor is Quinlan & Fabish. I’ve attached their information sheet from last year’s sign-up. Some of the information might change of course, but most things stay the same. The program is rent-to-own, so by the end of 8th grade, everyone will own the instrument they’ve been paying on. We will have a sign-up and information night at JFK (date TBD), and you’ll receive that information from your elementary school soon.