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At-Home Wellness

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At-Home Wellness

At-Home Wellness

Sometimes the hardest part about wellness is learning how you can incorporate it to every day life and set a good example for your teen at home! Below are some ideas on how you can incorporate wellness at least once every day!. 


Stretching at the beginning of a day can be SO beneficial. Take 10 minutes to stretch each morning with your kid. Whether it is while you're making lunches or waiting for breakfast to be served, a quick stretch can set the tone for your students day. Here are some stretches you can do at home: 

1. Touch your toes- You don't have to actually be able to touch your toes, just let your head and arms hang and enjoy the stretch. 

2. Spread your legs out and try to touch the floor- This stretches a different part of your body! 

3. Quad Stretch- balance on one foot and hold the other one back by your butt to stretch your quad. hold for 30 seconds and then switch. 

4. Arm Stretches- Cross one arm over your chest and hold it there with the other arm. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch.