Daily Update

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Daily Update



Today we stayed outside as long as we could! 1st-3rd Hour: We walked to Plainfield East for our warm-up and then allowed the option of playing kickball, boomball, or walking. 7/8 and 9th hour we did Mega Track and played Knockout or Volleyball.

Conversation Starter: What is Mega Track? 


Today we gave the same options as yesterday, just with more classes! 

Conversation Starter: If you could create a club at JFK what would the club be? Why? 


We were outside for every period today except first!! We gave plenty of options: soccer, football, walking, or boom ball!

Conversation Starter: Do you have a jacket and sweatpants in your PE locker? If so, great! if not, let's find you some!


Today we were stuck inside again for most of the day, but once it warmed up we went outside and played soccer or kickball or walked.

Conversation Starter: If one student in your class was abducted by aliens who would it be and why?


Today we were stuck inside because of the cold weather, so we did rotations of different activities indoors!

Conversation Starter: What was your favorite activity today?


This week we are doing a PE project. For this project, students will need to get in to groups of 4/5 and create a dance. Their dance must be at least 8-8 counts long, contain 4-5 different moves (or more), be school appropriate- song and dance moves, and most of all, be creative and fun! Students will be presenting to each other on Friday!

Conversation Starters for the Week: What song are you dancing to? Who is in your group? Who is the best dancer in your group? 


Today in PE we had spirit assemblies!! For the few groups of students lucky enough to not have a student assembly during their period, we did a running warm-up and then played tug-a-war. When it stopped raining, we gave students the option to walk if they didn't want to play.

Conversation Starter: What was your favorite spirit assembly game? Why?


Spirit week is almost over! And it's feeling more and more like "homecoming" (fall) every day! Today we gave MANY options for our students! Students were given the option to:

1. Improve a new skill they learned yesterday (throwing and catching a ball with the lacrosse sticks).

2. Apply the skill they learned yesterday by playing an actual lacrosse game.

3. Playing soccer (for those students who tried lacrosse yesterday, but decided it wasn't the sport for them!).

Conversation Starter: Ask your student if they have sweatpants/a sweatshirt in their PE locker in case the weather is a little chilly! If not, help them pick out one from home! As fall continues, we will be outside as much as we can until it gets too cold, so help us help your child by reminding them to bring the proper warm clothes for PE!! :)


Today we practiced throwing and catching the lacrosse ball with the lacrosse sticks and played kick ball for the second half of the period.

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what they thought of lacrosse! 


we had a MOVE day today! For our warm-up, we walked to plainfield east and then after we gave many options! The goal today was to keep moving!!

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what they thought of our move day and what their ideal day in PE would look like!


Today we moved to the football field! Students had the choice to play football, 21 (a lead-up football game), and Soccer.

Conversation Starter: Who makes you laugh at school? What class are they in with you? 


It was Fun Friday in PE today! Students had the option to choose between soccer, Kickball, or walking!

Conversation Starter: What are your spirit days next week? Do you know what you're going to wear each day?


Today we gave two options- Kickball or Boom ball! Students got to decide their favorite and go to whichever game they like best! It was fun to see kids playing the game they enjoy and playing it together well!

Conversation Starter: Think of all your teachers, if there was a zombie apocolypse who would you team up with to stay alive?


A little wind didn't stop us today! We played a game called "New York Ball"! We have been trying new things lately and learning a lot of new games. The idea behind this is getting students to learn that even if our activities don't work out the way we wanted to, we can still learn something from it! In 6th grade, after we played we talked about what we liked or disliked about the game and what we could do to make it better. Showing students that we can be resilient and improve every day!

Conversation Starter: What did you think of "New York Ball"? What could you have done to make it better?


We were able to take advantage of the nice weather again today and played "Rocks" outside! Each class did a nice job of using teamwork and following the rules!

Conversation Starter: Do you like the game "Rocks"? What is your favorite/least favorite part about the game?


We are back outside this week, and what a perfect week to be outside!! Today we played "Candy Kickball" again since some of our 8th and 7th graders didn't get to play on friday! Students got a LOT of running in today. Some comments heard from the players "I've never exercised this much in my life!" and "That game was exhausting!". It was cool to see our students give everything they got all for a little bit of candy!

Conversation Starter: What did you think of Candy Kickball today? Did you win any candy? If not, congradulate them for doing their best anyway! Afterall, that's all that really matters!


Today, our focus was trying new things! In 6th grade we played a new game called "candy kickball". The students were motivated to play with the promise of their favorite treat next week! In 8th grade and 7th grade we played Townball for our last day indoors! 

Conversation Starter: What did you do for warm-ups? Was it fun to try something new? 


It was another crazy Thursday in PE today. For period 1 and 3, we were in a student assembly where we had a presenter come and talk to us about " Rachel's Challenge". Period 2 didn't dress, but we had some time to go outside and either walk or play football, toss around a frisbee, or play soccer for a short period of time. 7th grade classes got to skip warm-ups today and play basketball or knockout or walk! 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student about Rachel's Challenge. What did we challenge them to do today and this day forward? What did they think about the assembly? How did it make them feel? 


Town Ball was our activity today with a warm-up of the "dice" game. Where students have to run until our lucky numbers (7 or 11) is rolled! If we weren't so lucky, we added a couple numbers like 16 and 18 to increase our odds!

Conversation Starter: How is Town ball different from kickball? Do you like it better or worse? 


Our Tuesday was a busy one! You may have to find out which hour your student has me to find out what they did today.

6th Grade 1st Hour: All 6th Grade students experienced a presentation about A.L.I.C.E. Because of this, we did not have P.E. this hour. :( 

6th Grade 2nd Hour: We had our students change and went outside! Our student options today were soccer, kickball, or walking! 

8th Grade: All 8th Grade students experienced a presentation about A.L.I.C.E. Because of this, we did not have P.E. this hour. :(

7th Grade: Today we played a game called "Town Ball" this game is a variation of kickball, but is a game that requires a lot more running! 7/8 Ms. Blosser's class lost, but we got a victory 9th hour!! 

Conversation Starter: What does A.L.I.C.E stand for? What was one thing you learned? How did the presentation make you feel?  (All JFK students and staff saw the presentation at some point today). 


Today was a SIP (1/2) day, but we still had PE as regularly scheduled! We did a 5 minute warm-up and then gave options to play volleyball or knock-out. Students were instructed to choose the activity that was right for them.

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what music is played in the gym when they are inside. (space jam, backstreet boys, R.E.S.P.E.C.T).


Today we went outside and played sharks and minnows for the warm up (until it got too hot to have them run around). With 6th and 8th grade we had choices between playing soccer, kickball, and throwing a frisbee. This was a fun way for everyone in the class to get to do something they enjoy.

In 7th grade-- period 7/8, we added "walking" as an option and in 9th period we decided to bring it all inside and give options of walking, basketball, and volleyball.

Conversation Starter: Ask your student if there was a zombie apocolypse at our school, which of their teachers do they think would survive the longest, and why. 


Today we played a new game called "Rocks". This game is a lot like capture the flag, but with "rocks" (wiffle balls). We played against Ms. Hartwig's class and in every class, we lost.... :( BUT! We had fun and worked hard and that is all that matters!

Conversation Starter: (not related to PE) Ask your student about the relocation drill we had this morning! Where did you go? Did it go well?? 


Today we took it easy! We decided to give options to play kickball or boom ball! The goal was for everyone to be MOVING! 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what they choose and what team won! 


Today we did something a little different in each period! In 6th grade, we played ultimate 21. A lead-up game to ultimate frisbee! In 8th grade, we played the lead-up ultimate game but gave options on that game OR regular 21 OR boom ball. 

Conversation starter: Ask your student if their frisbee skills got better after our ultimate 21 game. I bet you they will say yes! If they didn't play ultimate 21, ask them what they did for warm-ups! This was new, but the kids seemed to like it!  


Its a new week, and that means a new unit! In my first period 6th grade class, we started off the week on a frisbee unit! the rest of my classes got a choice to play catch with the frisbee or play kickball.

Conversation Starter: Ask your student about kickball and frisbee. How did they do? Did they make it to first base without getting out? Any runs?? How did they feel about throwing the frisbee? What about catching? 


We were stuck indoors today because of the rain, but that didn't stop us from being able to play some games. We played line soccer, volleyball, AND knockout. 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what their favorite activity was and if they didn't like any of them, what activity they wish they could have done. 


Today we tried something different! I taught an activity called "Cards" Where students had to pick a card and and do the exercise indicated by that card with the group. The group with the most cards, won! Then they went outside with Ms. Hartwig and played floor hockey. 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what they thought of the new warm-up game! What did they like? What did they dislike? 


Today was a hot one!! So hot, in fact, that we gave our students choices- To walk, to play soccer, to play floor hockey, and to play football. 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student what (if any) insects they saw outside today! (We saw a lot of them!!) 


No School!!! Labor Day!


Today was our last day of the football unit! We gave an option to play 21 (our lead-up game to football), Flag Football, and 8th graders had the option to walk along the field all period. 

Conversation Starter: What activity did you decide to do in PE today, and why? 


Today we had a Fundraising Presentation during PE. 

Conversation Starter: Remind your student to bring their PE clothes home tomorrow so you can wash it over the weekend for them! 


Rainy days mean working with the limited space we have inside in PE. Today in PE, 6th Graders played floor hockey in the small gym after they did a warm-up called "Mega Trek". 8th and 7th Graders went on a walk to Plainfield East and back because the grass was too wet to play games outside! 

Conversation Starter: Ask your 6th Grader what they thought about the "Mega Trek" warm-up. Ask your 7th/8th Grader who they walked with during class today and what they talked about! 


Today was an extention of our football unit that we started yesterday! 6th graders learned a new game called "21" and 7th and 8th graders got to choose between playing 21 and Flag Football. 

Conversation Starter: Parents, ask your 6th graders what they thought of the game "21" and ask your 7th and 8th graders what they chose to do during PE today and why!! 


Week 2 of school and we are getting in to a routine! Today we went outside and played football. We practiced passing and if there was time, played a game! 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student who they partnered with for passing and how they did. 


Today was a rain day! We spent the period doing rotations between volleyball, knockout (basketball), and floor hockey. It was awesome to see the kids work together and help teach each other how to play the various games. 

Conversation Starter: Ask your student to name their favorite thing about PE today! 


Day 2 of dressing and an activity in the books! Today we extended our soccer unit by playing 4 on 4 games or 5 on 5. Students learned how to work with others.

Conversation Starter: Ask your student who was on their team and how their team did. 


Today was our first full day of dressing and activity! A glimpse in to what a day in JFK P.E. should look like! We started playing soccer today and were able to spend the full period outside in the gorgeous weather. 

Tomorrow is our first official day, with points for dressing, participating in the warm-ups and activity, and more! Please make sure your child has their PE shirt and athletic shorts so they can get all possible points in class! 

Conversation Starter: Ask your Middle Schooler who was the best soccer player on their team today, and what did you like or not like about the activity?