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eBooks through Axis360

We are excited to announce that our Media Center is now providing access to eBooks and Audiobooks year-round! This collection is provided by eRead Illinois. You can access the collection through a platform called Axis360. This platform even has a free app that you can download too--so you can take your books anywhere and everywhere!

On Axis360, you can check out up to 5 books at a time, for two weeks. You can also place an additional 5 books on hold. At the end of your checkout period, books will automatically return.

Link to Access our eBook and Audiobook Collection:

(If you have trouble, COPY and PASTE link in your browser)

Note: We have Follet accounts made for you. All you need to do is log in with your school username and password. 

Here are some resources to help guide you:  

Video for Placing a Hold

Video for Accessing, Seeing What's Out, and Returning

JFKMS eBooks Quick Start Guide

JFKMS eBooks Detailed Instructions

If you are looking to modify your font options, audio options, bookmarking options, etc., then check out the quick guide below to help you. 

Axis 360 Accessibility Tools


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