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As the JFK PE and Health department, it is our mission to provide all students with the tools needed to improve their mental, social, and physical health. To teach students the skills needed to achieve lifelong wellness goals. To give students the opportunity to feel comfortable with their own abilities, to improve at their own rate, and to celebrate their own successes. Lastly, to instill the attitude and skills needed to work as a successful team member and to demonstrate sportsmanship.

6th grade physical education focuses on the development and application of knowledge and basic skills necessary to incorporate a variety of health and fitness activities that lead to lifelong wellness. Students in 6th grade PE will focus on strengthening and lengthening their bodies, locomotor and motor movements, physical manipulation skills, appropriate techniques, aspects of rhythm, safety, rules and expectations, cooperation skills and knowledge of heart rate. Health focuses on why healthy habits affect overall well-being and how such habits help in the prevention and treatment of illness and injury. Students will identify factors that affect personal health and be able to differentiate types of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

7th grade physical education focuses on expertise in basic skills and knowledge of lifelong wellness habits. Students will integrate strengthening and lengthening principles, refine manipulation skills and progressively improve running techniques. Students will apply rules of safety and practice aspects of rhythm. Students will utilize offensive, defensive and cooperative strategies during activities. Students will predict and compute individual heart rate. Health focuses on knowledge of how body systems grow, work, and develop in relation to fitness and nutrition. Students will analyze essential components of nutrition, examine structure, function, and care of the body systems for a healthy lifestyle.

8th grade physical education focuses on the combination of knowledge and skills in the development of their individual lifelong wellness plan. Students will incorporate strengthening and lengthening principles into daily routines. Students will model manipulative skills, utilize running techniques in activities, include elements of rhythm in daily activities, and apply rules and safety. Students will use offensive, defensive, and cooperative strategies. Students will use the principles of heart rate management in developing a fitness plan. In Health, students will determine, identify, and analyze healthy relationships. Students will evaluate the implications of personal decisions and they relate to a healthy lifestyle. Students will examine and evaluate aspects of substance abuse.


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